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Hey guys!! Since some of you asked me how I organized my studying schedule for this summer, I thought it would be best to make a post about it. It’s the first time I make a post such as this, and I’m sorry for the poor quality of my photos, but my mobile phone has the only camera I have at hand, so let’s get down to business! 

  1. KNOW YOUR DEADLINES: It’s important to know when do you have your exams, when is that essay due and so on. This way you’ll keep track of time and you’ll know how much time you need to commit to each task. I would advise color coding each one, as I did with the subjects which exams I have to retake in september. This way, you’ll have your goals and needs always in mind. 
  2. KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO STUDY: It’s important to be sure of all the things you need to study. As you can see in this image, I wrote down every unit I need to know for my anatomy exam, and I did the same for the other subjects as well. I also added a little checkbox beside each unit in order to keep track of all the times I revise each one so I can know at a glance how I’m doing and where I need to improve. 
  3. USE ADDITIONAL TOOLS: Getrevising is a webpage that can help you create a schedule if you don’t know where to start. It gives you the opportunity to, completely free, add your classes, appointments, subjects and deadlines to create a schedule. You can also give a priority to each subject so they can assign more study hours to those subjects you find more difficult or where you need to invest more time. I used it as a reference, because it is not perfect, and I don’t know if it’s possible to change the study blocks from 1 hour sessions to longer or shorter ones, but it helps you to make an idea of how many hours you should invest in each subject. Anyway, this tool is completely unnecessary, but I used it because my study schedule is for the whole summer (that’ll be two months of holidays) and so I felt a bit overwhelmed by how many things I needed to tackle. 
  4. EDIT AND WRITE YOUR OWN SCHEDULE ATTENDING TO YOUR NEEDS: The most important thing when you write your study schedule is to know your strengths and limits. I printed a weekly schedule from my laptop iCal to see at a simple glance how many things I had going on in a week and how many hours I could dedicate to study. You can find simple weekly calendars anyway or you can even make your own. The first thing I wrote down were all those unavoidable things such as birthday parties and weddings and medical appointments as well as those things I want to do daily such as running, bathing, walking the dog or reading a bit at night. Once this is done, I can see how many free hours for studying I have, and if I feel like they are not enough, I cut down some things that aren’t completely necessary, because sometimes what is necessary is to make some sacrifices. But remember to always leave some free time for yourself, because it’s good for you to relax and get some strength back. Then, looking at your get revising schedule or simply knowing your needs, write down every day which units you are going to study. Try to be realistic, and don’t cram things in every study session. If you can only study tree units in one morning, then do that. Otherwise you’ll feel stressed and you won’t keep up with your schedule, which can make you feel bad and think that it’s not being useful at all. I’d also recommend highlighting your subjects with the same colors you used for your deadlines calendar, because it’ll help you make an idea in your head of your week. 
  5. TRANSFORM YOUR WEEKLY SCHEDULE INTO A DAILY ONE: I find it better to, once a weekly schedule is prepared, write it down as a daily one, to the hour. Some people may think this is a bit obsessive, but it makes me less stressed knowing what I should be doing in every study session. Moreover, it makes me feel satisfied crossing out things I have already done, and crossing them out of my list! If you’ll feel stressed watching the things you have to do every hour using just the weekly schedule may be fine for you. I used a simple lined notebook and wrote the hours myself. 
  6. PLUS:KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PROGRESS: If you don’t want to make a daily schedule, or if you’re not accustomed to follow a schedule this thick, you may find useful keeping track of your progress. You can write down what you do every hour your dedicating to studying, or maybe you can write down things as “I planned to study for 3 hours with two 10 minutes breaks and I managed to study just 2 units when I planned to study 3”. This may help you know your weaknesses and analyze what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. When you realise things as this, you’ll find it easier to make a reliable and realistic schedule that is up to your needs and strong points. This way you’ll know if you work better in the mornings or the afternoons, if you get distracted easily… But remember that the most important thing is to take things easily and bit by bit. Everyone works differently, and what may work for others may not work for you. Analyze and know yourself, and then no one or anything will stop you. 


I hope you found this helpful. I know this is just my method, but some of you were curious about it and I find inspiring knowing about other people’s methods. This way you can find your inspiration to work out your own methods and habits, and you’l feel much less frustrated when you manage to achieve your goals, but take your time and be patient. Succeed will take your hand if you work hard a bit everyday!!!! 

useful info for anyone out there on their study grind!~  

i’ve been meaning to do a post about how to stay organized/decorate your planner for months, but i haven’t gotten to it yet.  is that something you guys would be interested in?  meh, i’ll prolly do one anyways cuz i dunno what else to post ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

welcome to my blog victims.

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South Korean broadcasting companies: to end the use of blackface on Korean television




black-kpop-fans e-lamia-vita youngblacksamurai pricexo beautiesofafrique

Update as of August 28, 2014: I just received an email from an associate of Korea who has offered to translate the petition in Korean to send it to users in Korea! It’ll link to the original petition so that way the number of signatures are totaled! :D

Please continue sharing in the meantime!


736 signatures left needed!!!! 

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International Cultural Exchange Association.

hey guys, i just wanted to tell you a little somethin somethin about an organization i’m a member of called ICEA (International Cultural Exchange Association/Activity).  it’s is a nonprofit volunteering organization designed for Korean university students to put together programming and activities for foreigners living in Busan.  the Korean members and people from all over the world to have an opportunity to meet each other, share their culture, and have fun~  some of the activities we do are make pottery, Korean rice wine (makkeoli), and traditional books, watch baseball and basketball games, have holiday parties, and go sightseeing at famous tourist spots in Busan.  it’s generally run and operated by Korean members who apply and interview for the chance to join, but this term another foreign member and i are lucky enough to have the opportunity to assist as leaders alongside them~  OHHH YEAA

our first meeting will be this Saturday at 4:00 at Pukyung National University.  to any Busananites interested in joining, please send me a message or e-mail me at  it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, explore Busan, and have various new experiences.  here’s a lil video for ya:  i hope have the opportunity to meet some of you there♥

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rainy day project as Finn looks on ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

i got these awesomesauce flags from Jaju in Shinsa last week when i was up in Seoul, and they were only a few thousand won.  i have been wanting to sew some little cloth flags similar to ones i’ve seen in cafe’s and stores here, but when i saw these i decided to go the lazy route instead ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

to all my fellow Busaners, i hope ur staying dry and outta the worst of the rain today!

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Reddit Threads:

SRS  (Spaced Repetition flashcards)


Chinese (Mostly/All Mandarin):


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So You Want to Learn… List:


  • Tumblr tags: #learning _________ 
  • Can I become Fluent in ______ in ______ months/weeks/days?
    No. You can’t. 
  • Can I learn Japanese from just watching Anime/Korean from Kpop/Chinese from Wuxia films?
    Not on your life. Do you only speak the english you know from Spongebob? N’SYNC? The 300? Didn’t think so.
  • What about Rosetta Stone?
    For $180-$399 dollars? Are you insane? The program is built to teach you the Romantic languages.  If you buy Rosetta stone for $400, and pass up every free resource on this list, I doubt your desire to actually learn anything. Don’t do it to yourself. That is a lot of money you probably won’t get back.
  • But I heard that Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Arabic/etc is really difficult:
    Well if over a billion Chinese people can speak Chinese, why can’t you? No really, don’t let something like this bother you. No, this is not the ease of moving from a English to a Romance language or German, but hey, if you wanted to learn German (and all those ridiculous cases) you’d be doing that. 
  • But what about ______?
    I have knowledge on resources mostly limited to JPN/CHI/KOR classes. This is a participatory list, which I am more than grateful to take submissions for.
I repost this every two weeks whether I need to or not. It too good not to and the original compiler deserves that much respect.

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hey guys~  i’ve been working on some posts and have updates for you guys.  i just got back from visiting Seoul for the week and i have another week of vacation in Busan so i’ll have plenty of time to sleep watch anime write posts for you guys!

anyways, more importantly one of my besties is trying to find a renter for her apartment.  she wants to move in with two of her friends but she unfortunately has 6 months left on her lease.  anyone who is looking for a place in Hongdae, check out her place!!  it’s really cute and cozy^^  here’s her listing info:

₩600,000 / 1br - 8pyeong - ROOFTOP studio in Hongdae across from Coffee Prince Cafe
5 mins from Hongdae Station
10 mins from Sinchon Station
1 min from the bus stop

New studio apartment only 1 year old, very clean with a large rooftop and nice view. Located on top of a croissant shop. Available end of Aug/beginning of Sept.

1 bedroom / 1 bathroom / air conditioner and heated floors
New drum washer/dryer unit, gas range, refrigerator, microwave, desk, 2 chairs, bookshelf included.

Located on a quiet street, right across from the original Coffee Prince shop. Many bakeries and restaurants nearby.

Anyone who is interested can send a message in my ask or contact me by e-mail at:

if for some reason you don’t hear from me in a few days, send a message on tumblr as it seems like i haven’t been receiving all of my messages.  more from me soon♥

***EDIT:  there is key money as well!  it’s 10 million won for anyone wondering***

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